How to mix and match your jewelry.

Who doesn’t want to look good,funky,stylish and stand out where-ever you go?

Here are few ways you want to get these looks without spending a bomb.

Rule #1 Never over do things. Keep it simple and stylish.

All you need to do to achieve this look is follow few tips which will help you add the extra oomph factor to your outfit.

Look 1: (Classy and chick)

Classy and Chick Look

To get this look remember to just add the extra hand accessories along with your watch on just one hand. Let the other hand be empty because you don’t want to look tacky and too messed up. All you need is a watch, based on the color or the type you decide to wear select the other essentials like a medium thickness metal bangle, a beaded bracelet which compliments your outfit and an additional 2-3 gold metal bangles. To keep it more stylish you can team this look with a big earring or a simple chain that goes with your outfit. Remember do not add big earring and chain both together along with this look. It will just ruin the entire style statement.

Look 2:(Messy/ care free)

Messy, Care free look

In this look you are allowed to add anything and everything you want which need not compliment your outfit exactly. Even though the look is very messy and care free you would want to keep it minimal to some extent and do not over do it. Pair up with long simple funky chains to complete the look.

Look 3: (Date Night) 

Date Night Look

All you need is one big statement neck piece to compliment your dress, a small earring stud and one simple watch and you are ready to impress your date.

Look 4: (STYLE DIVA)

This is one of my all time favorite look. I would love to team this up with any outfit and still look chick. All you have to do is grab a pair of big earring that is almost contradictory to your outfit and add a few funky bangles and bracelets to your hand and Tadaa you are ready to go and grab some attention.

Tip to remember: Never add a big chain and a big earring to your look on western outfits.


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