Saturday Outfits

Who wouldn’t want to ease out and relax on a weekend? Especially when you know it is a Saturday night?Here are few looks I would suggest to all you beautiful ladies/girls out there to get into the groove and let the world talk about it..

Look 1 – The casual chilled out look


This look is all about keeping it simple and stylish when you are just gonna have fun time with your friends grabbing a couple of drinks or meeting them over a cup of coffee but you don’t want to disappoint yourself by not looking good.To get this look all you need is a pair of jeans and a plain simple solid colored top. I decided to go with the floral pant and a black plain top and teamed it up with the funky hate to add that extra funk factor. keeping accessories very minimal with a simple chain and a watch. You need not have to really worry about what body type you are.

Tip to remember  A jean and solid colored top can never go wrong on any body type. Irrespective of whether you are skinny /bulky/ fat you can still carry this look with confidence.

Look 2- LBD (Little Black Dress)


Just like the famous quote says “When in doubt wear BLACK”. Let me tell you a secret, you can never go wrong with LBD. When you don’t know what to wear or you have no mood to get decked up and hit the dance floor or go out have some good time, just wear the all time favorite black dress and you are set for the evening. I have teamed up this look with very minimal accessories. Just a statement neck piece which compliments my outfit and no hand accessories and a footwear that matches the neck piece. There is no perfect body type for which this look will not suit unless you add a little too much unwanted attention to your body.

Tip to Remember-  Always remember to match your footwear with the neck piece you are wearing to compliment your outfit.

Look 3- The Dance floor.


When you decide to go clubbing with a couple of friends all you need is a comfort outfit and the look for the night. To achieve this look make sure you go very light and subtle on everything . Wear a dress which is comfortable because you know for a fact you are gonna dance and lose out major. Avoid light shades as much as possible as the sweat what you generate by dancing you do not want it to be seen obvious on your outfit. Keep the accessories very minimal coz  you do not want too many things disturbing you while dancing. Most importantly keep your hair natural and do not style it too much as you know while dancing or after you are done dancing the hair style wouldn’t remain the same and you definitely do not want to look like someone who woke from the bed and just arrived at the event.

Tip to remember- Try avoiding stiletoes, wedges or any other type of footwear which you are not comfortable wearing while you are dancing. You definitely do not want to leave your footwear aside and dance bare footed.

Look 4 – Day time chilling


When you decide to go meet a couple of friends during the day time coz you are not a night person make sure your outfit what you chose is very low on catching the attention of the people for wrong reasons. Grab a pair of dark shade jeans and team it up with any light colored top considering the day times are really hot and can get your energy level down.Add a chain or a big earring that is slightly not matching to your outfit but yet looks stylish. You definitely do not want to match everything top to bottom and look like a Christmas tree. Keep the footwear very light, preferably wear flats that goes along with the top you choose to wear.

Tip to RememberDo not wear dark colored top and jeans during the day time as they end up being a fashion disaster and keep it as subtle as possible because you want to look fresh and happy.



  1. Damyanti · May 31, 2015

    I like the look and feel of your blog, and the tips are spot-on.


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