Six Yards of Sheer Elegance…!!

It is said and believed that every woman should experience the feel of wearing a Saree and the feel of being the real INDIAN WOMAN. Saree is one of the most wonderful, beautiful and a gorgeous attire which can be carried in any fashion because it can never go wrong. Whether you are considered to be having a perfect body or not you will definitely look charming and gorgeous.

Here are a few looks i prefer during any occasion to get the gorgeous array of an Indian Woman.

Look 1- The night affair.


The net saree which is the most suitable for any night events, be it a get together within the family or a friends reception or any other night event where you want to stand out amongst the crowd. Make sure you keep it little subtle and choose a wise color and the material. I do not suggest this if you are not confident about carrying it coz you do not want to be a victim of a fashion disaster. Team this with a big earring that is one of the color from your saree. If you notice I have teamed this up with big pearl hangings which goes along with the Saree pallu and added bangles to give the extra Indian touch again no big chains on the neck unless you wanna keep your earring lighter. You can always be confident about completing this look with a big bindi and hair left open or style it the way you would prefer and you are all set to be the Star of the event.

Tip to rememberPeople who are slightly heavier on the chest and stomach make sure you pin up the pallu because when you leave the pallu with a single panna, you are again adding unwanted attention to the heavy areas.

Look 2- An affair with the black


When in doubt wear black holds good for any occasion and any outfit be it an Indian or a western. You are running out of time and you are really confused what to wear and you don’t have a lot of options. Do not worry or be disappointed. Pick up the black saree from your collection and team it up with minimal accessories like a medium sized earring and lot of bangles on your right hand and leave the other hand empty. Always remember to leave the pallu open when wearing a black sari unless it is of a thin material coz your fat areas wouldn’t be seen in case you are worried about grabbing attention. Bindi is a must when you are wearing any Saree as that gives an additional touch to the elegance factor. Complete this look with a very stylish clutch that goes with the Saree.

Tip to rememberAvoid blacks during the day time as they attract too much of heat and make you sweat and feel sticky. Try wearing to any evening occasion.

Look 3-  The Day Diva


This look is a perfect example for bright,elegant,classy look put in together. During the day it is always a best practice to choose lighter shades that compliments your skin tone and goes along the occasion you are attending. To complete this look add a simple neck piece that is slightly complimenting your saree color and keep the earring minimal or may be a small stud and wear a watch which is a big yes to this look and wear a simple bracelet or very few bangles if required. Keep your make up, hair style and the size of the bindi as minimal as possible because you want to look graceful and fresh.Make sure while dressing up for a day event you avoid the single pallu and always try pinning it up for a more comfortable look.

Tip to rememberAdding too many jewelleries and choosing odd colors during the day time will lead to a big fashion disaster.

Look 4- The traditional Kerala Saree.


Whether you are a malyali or not any girl/women will definitely fall in love with their traditional saree with complete white and a unique border. This is one of my favorite looks too. All you need is 1 Kerala Saree and your other jewelleries to get this look. Pin up your pallu because this saree looks the best that way and gives you the look of a gorgeous woman who belongs to the gods own country.I chose to wear  bangles on both the hands and a big pearl earring and pin up my hair or a tie a top knot to complete the look. You can also add flowers to get the little extra traditional feel.Your blouse do not have to be the same colour of the saree. You can always play around with colours to add personal touch to the look.

Tip to remember- Never miss wearing jewelleries that suit the look and a bindi to add on.

Look 5- The wedding Dhamaka


There is a wedding in the family and you definitely want to look the best and catch the attention of the crowd. Here is what you have to do. Pick up the saree which you decided to wear and make sure it is not very loud but definitely stylish and elegant. Add a lot of bangles that matches your saree colour and if possible also add some glittery bangles that suits the saree. Pick a big neck piece that will almost match your saree. Make sure it is not the perfect match. Since you are picking a big neck piece, keep the earring very minimal. Make sure you get some fancy blouse stitched which will add the extra hotness and gives you the celebrity look. Add some additional hangings to the blouse just like in the picture which is available from any of the fancy stores nearer to your locality. Keep your hair quite stylish and elegant which will definitely play a major part in this look you want to achieve. Adding a clutch to the look is optional and pinning up the saree pallu or leaving it open is again optional.

Tip to rememberLet the bride be happy to see some gorgeous women walking around during her wedding and keep it simple and stylish.

The most important tip- Remember no look is complete without that beautiful smile of yours. So make sure you have that million dollar smile on your face and I am sure you are gonna go ubiquitous.

Keep it classy, keep it stylish and Keep it Indian.


Akanksha 🙂



  1. Aishwarya Ravi · June 1, 2015

    This is just perfectly said and written! Keep up the great work:)


  2. Nayana · June 1, 2015

    Well documented ! Loved all the looks and great tips !


  3. divya · June 1, 2015

    Liked all the looks.
    Looking forward for casual outfits too.


    • Akanksha Arun · June 1, 2015

      Thanks a lot. Yes you will find post on Casual dressing very soon 🙂


  4. asha · June 10, 2015

    Excellent sharing. Thanks for the wonderful tips. Keep going. Good luck.


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