A label does not kill Fashion.

This is something that i have been wanting to share. The only question I have been asked frequently when i dress up or wear some accessories is where do I shop or where do i find them ?? Well Well here is the answer to all your questions and list of few places where I pick my accessories from. Well you might be wondering that I am gonna list few shops where you will have to shell out thousands of rupees for just a pair of earring or a neck piece. Well, if you are thinking about that, you are absolutely Wrong.!! I am a Shopahollic but well I am very choosy and picky about the things I buy. First thing I look for is Value for money. Instead of spending thousands of rupees on one thing which I can wear only once, I would rather prefer buying few things for the same money which I can wear multiple times Inless you have a particular occasion to buy and you are pocket loaded and wouldn’t mind spending thousands of rupees every week :D.

There is no harm in doing street shopping once in a while 🙂 It is one of the best practice to keep in mind when you are out of budget and want to buy too many things. The whole idea behind me creating this blog is that every normal person can look stylish and fashionable without spending a lot of money.

Fashion is an Art which is not expensive by nature but made expensive by Person. So it is all in your mind to choose it wisely and make it very pocket friendly.

Place – Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore, India

I am quite sure everyone would have heard about this place very often that this is one of the Bangalore’s famous hub for shopping. So when you have heard it why not try it? Here are few places where I visit regularly and pick up the things I like and most importantly bargain. Bargaining is an art which comes in very handy when the word SHOPPING comes. LOL. Jokes apart but well on a serious note you do have to bargain for few bucks and then you are gonna be happy for the price you paid. 🙂



There are a lot of shops you find similar to this where you will find most trendiest collections for a very affordable price also not just accessories but some authentic kholapuri bags.This is right opposite to the 4th block complex on the same lane of Mobile store. I am a frequent visitor to these shops and will end up buying a huge chunk of accessories on my every visit.

In addition to these shops the best one i have found especially in jayangar when you consider value for money are those rajastani ladies who sell those jewelleries on a huge polythene sheet. You can get your accessories from any where between Rs 100- Rs 300. I bet it wouldn’t cost more than that.


Place- Chitrakala Parishat, Shivananda Circle, Bangalore, India

As the name says Chitrakala which means art and parishat meaning gallery. This is a place which is a home for artists. I started visiting this place since i was 15. I still remember the first time my Mother took me and my sister to this place and got a very colorful hair breading done during our summer holidays. Ever since then my mom made sure she would take us along every time she visited the exhibition not just to let us buy things but to explore the beauty hidden in such places and to experience every form of art. There are few very reasonable outlets where you can find very unique collections of hand made jewelleries which has got a very traditional touch and which will give you a very rich look.


This place will not leave you with any disappointment. Along with shopping you have some live music which are authentic gazals, folk songs and a lot of small counters for grabbing some quick snack.

Place – Commercial Street. Bangalore, India

Though I do not visit this place very often but whenever I visit I make sure I pick up few things from the known shops. I feel that few of the shop keepers are very rude and blunt. Even a few rupee of bargain would make you feel that they are not interested to sell it to you. This place became very popular due to their antique collection in various house decorative and all the fancy jewelleries the foreigners preferred buying.

My Shopping lists never ends without Online Shopping.

When you don’t have time to go visit the place and buy,while you are feeling lazy and want to sit at home and get the work done, this is the best place. There are various options available to chose from but I have been a loyal customer to FLIPKART and MYNTRA.


Considering my height is 5’10 and i am blessed or cursed with long foot, it has been a pain for me to find the right pair of footwear ever since i was a kid. I remember my school days where i couldn’t find black shoes for my foot size and it was made to order and I was forced to wear them even if they dint look good. As I grew the problem became bigger. Finding anything funky and pretty was a WOW moment for me. Well I have found myself the best online site apart from all the other brands which do sometimes have collection for my size. The place i am talking about is Street Style Store which is also known as SSS. This is an amazing place where you find some exquisite collection of footwear right from 32 or 34 upto 42 which is my footwear size. So if anybody facing the similar issue as mine here is the solution. It is not very expensive and you have some or the other offers through out the year.


Well, these are the few places I pick up few of my accessories  be it earrings, chains, bangles, bags and bracelets and not to forget footwear. Hoping that you liked this and please do try the places and let me know your experience.

Happy Shopping and Smart Shopping. 🙂


Akanksha ❤



  1. Anu · June 27, 2015

    Do you get your deliveries from SSS… Cuz I’ve had real bad experience with that website… ?!?!


    • Akanksha Arun · June 27, 2015

      Hi Anu, yes I do get my delivers the only glitch is that it takes quite some time depending on the availability of the product…


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