10 requisite Cosmetic list in every girls’s hand bag..

For all of you who think wearing layers of cosmetics everyday and using high-end brands will make you look extra beautiful, you are absolutely wrong. All you need is the daily essentials in your day in and day out activities which will help you get through any situation. Here are few things that I do not miss out on carrying in my handbag when I am stepping out of my house.


Whether you are heading out for a party, going out for shopping, lunch date, meeting a couple of friends, going to college, going to work or going anywhere you do not want to leave without carrying a small pouch that has a few basic cosmetics.

#1 Kajal / Eye liner

For all those whole believe that kajal is the best way to highlight the beauty of the eye, Well you are absolutely right. Why not carry them? Whether it is a smudge free/ water-resistant you know that you have it in your bag and in case you are running out of time and you have no time to put them on or you forgot to apply.You will not have a chance to panic.

#2 Lip Balm

For those of you who do not prefer applying lipstick everyday, here is the simple quick fix to get those attractive lips. A simple shine on a girl’s lip will look better any day than those dried ones. Also when we are eating or sipping on any liquids our lips tend to lose the lipstick or the balm what we had applied hours ago and leaves it dull. Applying them on a regular interval will not only add shine/gloss but will also helps it keep moisturized and remain soft.

#3 Lip Stick

I am a person who cannot run my day without Lipstick when I am stepping out of my house. Always carry the same colour you used initially while applying in the beginning of the day so that you maintain the same through out. Unless you are not re applying from the scratch.

#4 Comb/ Hair brush

You do not want to have a messy hair look after a while when you are out somewhere. It’s always a good practice to comb your hair every 2-3 hours while you are out or just to make sure that your hair is fine and is not spoiling your look.

#5 Pack of Tissues

Nobody wants to look dull and have oil content on your face during the day. The face tends to become moist when you are out for long hours or while you are working in A/c. The best practice to follow is wipe your face with wet/dry tissue at least 3-4 times a day.This will help you retain the fresh look throughout and never reapply any compact/powder or moisturizer without washing your face.

#6 Deodorant / Body Mist

You do not want to have a bad body odor due to your sweat or getting drenched in the rain while you are surrounded by people. The best practice to carry them in your bag and use them whenever you feel you are uncomfortable and feel that you are sweating too much and there is some kind of odor that is disturbing you.

#7 Hair clips / Rubber band / Safety pin

When your hair is too messed up at some point of the day and you just don’t want to do anything to it you either clip it up or put on a bun. So that you will not have to deal with the bad hair day through out. Safety pin is something one is always safe with on any given day. You realize that nobody around you has it and you are in a fix wondering what to do. To avoid one of those odd days it is always ideal to carry them along.

#8 Face wash

Every girl’s skin type differs and is in no comparison with each other. To avoid those frequent oily skins and when you are  too tired and want to refresh yourself. Here is a quick fix.

#9 Moisturizer

In case you are re-washing your face or just splashing water because you need to refresh and you feel too sticky, your skin tends to go dry without applying anything on the face. Always a better option to carry a small bottle or a tube of the moisturizer you use in case you are re-thinking of washing your face during intervals.

#10 Pouch

You do not want all the things you carry just lying in some compartment of your hand bag and you do not know where exactly you have kept them. Put them all in one small pouch which you can fit in your bag. Do not carry a big pouch and make it seem like you are carrying your entire cosmetic from your wardrobe with you.

Tip to remember It is always considered best not to reapply the cosmetic products over and over without washing your face completely as the dirt on your skin may just add-on to helping you lose the texture of your skin.

Also it depends from person to person whether you use minimal products on a daily basis or add compact powder, foundation, blush, eye shadows which you would want to carry.

Hope this helped.


Akanksha 🙂


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