While we look into one of the latest trend of teaming up your attire with a crop top, you might wonder Oh Damn!! Wish i had a flat stomach to carry this look.. Let me tell you everything comes with a hidden trick and a secret.

To those of you who do not have flat stomach and still want to get the trendy sexy crop top look, here is how you can do it and to those who are blessed with flat abs, way to go ladies.. Keep up your good work.

Here are a few looks and tips I would want to share with my readers which will help them boost their confidence.

Look 1- Low Key it with Heels.

You probably are wondering how to go about this look and will you be able to carry out well? Here is the answer this look will help you take off the unwanted attention from the stomach area and make you look slimmer and add that sexy chick look. All you need is to grab your favorite pair of jeans, a colorful crop top, a pair of stilettos, a big purse and some accessories to complete the look. You can never go wrong with this look while you are pairing the right jeans and crop top. Make sure your crop top is not too short and just leaves a little gap between the jean and the top as that adds to your chick side without bringing any bad attention to the problem area and you are all set to walk in style.


Tips to follow:

1-Wearing a darker jean will help your legs toned and makes it look longer as you are wearing a stilettos.

2- Try avoiding 2 shades of dark on top and bottom, It will not help you get the look.

3- Keep your accessories minimal.

Look 2- Basic Beauty = BFF.

You are just showing a silver of skin, put your hair in a stylish way and add some smokey eyes with a big pair of ear ring. You are trying to be as stylish as possible in this look by gathering the attention towards your face and hair while you add a little sexiness to your attire. This is the best for those who are heavy on the stomach and the lower hip and do not want to show lot of skin around the stomach area.


Like you see in the above picture, I have kept my face, hair and earring as stylish as possible as this will be the key essentials to grab the first attention and then comes the other. A long skirt with a brighter shade and a black crop top can never go wrong. Keeping it as simple as possible is a key to elegance.

Tips to remember:

1- Do not over do your make up and do not mess up your hair style. In case you are not comfortable with too much make up and fancy hair style add a bright shade lipstick, kajal to high light your eye and tie a bun which will make you look gorgeous.

2- When wearing long skirts you can keep your crop top shorter than the one in the picture based on how comfortable and how well you can carry the look.

Look 3- Get Baggy

You have your lower body as a problem area and you want to take away the attention, here is what you can do. They say heavier people wearing baggy outfits tend to make them look fatter. Well in this case you do not want to look funny by wearing figure hugging clothes which will add extra attention.


Picking up a skirt with flairs and uneven shape is the trick to this as the entire skirt do not have an even shape and you can cheat with your body by adding this with a crop top. You know its a right choice when your problem areas are covered and you are confident enough to pull this off and walk around like a diva. Again, you need to be very smart while choosing colors.

Keep it stylish, Keep it classy and keep it Trendy. 

Remember you are dressing up for yourself and not for anybody else. 

Hope this helps you all 🙂




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