The SUMMER Coolers.


Aahh.. This was probably my longest break i took from the blogging world.

I thought about the blog topic this time and decided to  help you with some summer tips while chosing fabric because Summer is getting baaadd…!!


Well Summer is getting worse day by day. Are you figuring out the ways of beating the heat? Are you finding reasons not to dress up? Are you not comfortable wearing those clothes? Here is your answer to all the fabric issues. In today’s post I will be sharing few of the best fabrics that will keep you cool and makes you fall in love with the texture and will definitely not give you reasons not to dress up and step out.

The kind of fabric you choose plays a very important role during the odd weather conditions. The feel, colour and the texture plays a major role. The whole point of you dressing and feel comfortable in very light coloured and very light weight clothes is highly recommended.

Fabric #1 : Cotton


No one knows exactly how old cotton is but it creates wonders. Talking about cotton there are different kinds of cotton and i would suggest you use the ones with light shades and light weight. Adding those dark colours is just a big nooooo to this summer. keep it as subtle as possible. The look cotton carries and the way it enhances the charm is extra ordinary. The price of cotton ranges from the fabric being very minimal to the ones being very expesnive.

Tip to remmember: It is very very essential for you to feel the fabric before buying. Try doing some research before buying and try exploring as many options as possible else you are sure to get fooled at the very first buy 😉

Fabric #2 :Linen


Linen fabric is made from the fibres of flax plant and it is quite expensive because of its texture and the amount of hardwork goes behing that. They are very absorbent and garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather.Again all these fabrics comes with a blend of some other fabric which are not pure and so does the cost. Pure linens are always soothing and keeps you very comforatble during the summer.

Fabric #3 Silk Blend

silk blend

Silk fibre is known for its strength, fineness, lustre and elasticity. Silk/Cotton fabric is a blend of both fibers. They are easy to carry and they are very light weight. Prefarabely use light shades.

Fabric #4 Khadi


The word KHADI is the SANSKRIT translation of Cotton. Now it means any cloth hand spun and hand woven in cotton, silk and wool.The hand spun and hand woven process gives Khadi an extra ordinary texture and finish that can’t be found in any artificially made fibers.Khadi is an alternative lifestyle in tune with the rhythm of nature.Khadi is an all weather cloth, most comfortable to wear and it gives an unusual feeling. That is, hot in winter and cool in summer.


I hope this post helped you in choosing the kind of fabric for this summer and I am sure you will not have any more reasons to not to dress up and step out in style this summer.


Keep it stylish, Keep it trending.


Lots of Love,


Cheers 🙂 ❤















































































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