Vivah… what we call the Indian Wedding

Every girl dreams about her big day in life of meeting the prince charming and getting decked up to be the most quintessential bride. Weddings play a very important role for every single individual. Indian traditions were not created just that way nor was it created to be followed blindly. Every ritual that takes place in the wedding ceremony has its own meaning and when you are all ears to it and you really want to know what is gonna happen you will know the depth about our ancestors thoughts/beliefs.

India is known for its diversity and I personally believe and enjoy in attending all kinds of wedding to enjoy every bit of beliefs and rituals what they follow. A wedding can go from 1 10 min to 3 hour depending who we are!

Well, keeping all this aside what I look for the most in every wedding is playing the Team Bride/ Bridegroom which is all about dress up,pictures,dance, memories, family time and of course the most delicious food spread.You get to meet all the possible uncles and aunts who keep asking when is your turn? oh you have grown up to be so big? and also not to forget all the hot/smart friends of the bride and the groom (pun intended).

Coming from a typical South Indian family (no, I am not referring to Chennai/Tamilnadu) where traditional values are given high priority where silk sarees and the most authentic jewellery and flowers. I look forward to every wedding in the family so that I get a chance to flaunt all my treasures and get those eyes double checked (I am sure every girl wants that).

Here are few stories I would like to share from the wedding diaries (The Team bride) of what I wore.

Wedding 1 – The Best Friends Wedding!

I have never dreamt of attending an unpacked wedding. Well this happened! Travelling to Hyderabad for my best friends wedding and I don’t know what to wear?? Amma’s (mother) saree to the rescue always. Picked up her simple black silk saree and my black blouse and added my best wedding gift that I received from my sister which i wore finally after 2 years. A simple silver with stone studded neck piece and ear-ring. This was an evening wedding and dint wanted the look to be too traditional.


Wedding 2 The Best Friend brother’s Wedding..!

The first one to get hitched in the family is always the elder brother and then comes the sister. Here my best friend’s brother finally got his chance to adorn the title of Bridegroom. Well more than best friend brother it was a family affair. Growing up together and being there for each other friends become sisters. I have 2 such in my life and both their brothers got knotted in a gap of 2 months. I decided to go semi-traditional this time and chose silk saree from amma’s collection like always and got all decked up with some temple and antique jewellery.


wedding 3  The family affair..!!

So I had 3 weddings in the family one after the other with the gap of 2 months. These were the much awaited,well panned and coordinated wedding. These were from my brother and sister’s in the family. A typical South Indian Brahmin Wedding with all the rituals and traditions. This time it was my sarees that I wore from my own wedding collection which stepped out of my cupboard after 2 long years to breathe some fresh air. Wore typical silk sarees with a typical hair braid and authentic jewellery from my wedding.


And that was my story from the Vivah diaries so far. I hope you liked the post.

Keep smiling and do not forget to dress up and stay stylish.


Akanksha ❤




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