End the year with Style and not Brand.


Well, wondering how 2016 came to an end? do not worry..

For those of you who had the best year: Congratulations and I hope 2017 turns out greater..

For those of you who had a bad year : Don’t lose hope. There is 2017 coming your way..

To all the party animals, non party animals, the sad ones, the happy ones, the ones who have plans for NYE and the ones who are wondering what do for NYE let me tell you one thing : Do not wait for the plan to happen instead be the plan. Too much cliché??

Now coming to the post time, It is the end of another year and each one of us are excited about the NYE. Wondering what to wear? how to dress up? what to shop? where to shop? take a deep breath and relax..

I will be sharing few tips on the NYE looks along with do’s and dont’s.

I am sure all of us want to look our best and click amazing pictures and frame them for a lifetime. In this process most of us tend to forget the whole concept of dress to comfort and end up creating a disaster.

I will be sharing 4 best looks for NYE because life is too short to wear boring clothes..

Look #1 : LBD

No one ever told no to the little black dress. Keep this look as simple as possible because you do not want anything else to catch the attention. Keep minimal accessories considering you will drain out your energy dancing and most important of all make sure you wear the right kind of footwear. Do not overdo anything (make up, hair and accessories)


Look # 2 JumpSuit

It is time to break the myth that jumpsuits are only made for tall and lean ladies. All you need to know is how to play with the outfit. Definitely the tall ladies are going to carry these well but what about the short ones? Not to worry you choose the Rompers (short jumpsuits). Now to decide what to wear on these, if your outfit has a lot of prints or glitters do not mess them by adding more accessories but just wear a minimal earring.

The catch is to the Rompers : All you need to do is junk this look by adding junk jeweleries to your hand.

Look # 3 : Skirt and blouse

Skirts and blouse are never out of style or trend and it depends on how you carry it and how you match them. You don’t have to be worried about your problem areas and you can be less conscious and have a blast during the party. Based on the type of skirt you choose, choose the blouse accordingly and vice-versa. If there are a lot of details already on your outfit keep the rest of the things minimal.



Look #4 : Wear Anything

This is basically for those who are not comfortable in any of the short dress or the body cons and might want to just wear a simple outfit and do not have to make a big deal out of it. You get to choose your favourite and most comfortable outfit and you are set to hit the dance floor and welcome the New Year with a bang. You do not have to feel bad or low about not dressing up for the event just the way it is supposed to be. You know you are more charming than those dresses so let yourself free.

A pair of hot jeans and a top. A pair of jeggings and a hot top. A normal dress. A normal skirt you are all set.

Remember do not over do on anything. It is that time of the year to let loose and have fun. Wear the right pair of footwear. Wear minimal make up and accessories.

Most importantly do not forget to SMILE 🙂

I hope you guys had a good read.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2017. Stay blessed, Stay safe and party Hard.


Lots of love,

Akanksha ❤



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