End the year with Style and not Brand.


Well, wondering how 2016 came to an end? do not worry..

For those of you who had the best year: Congratulations and I hope 2017 turns out greater..

For those of you who had a bad year : Don’t lose hope. There is 2017 coming your way..

To all the party animals, non party animals, the sad ones, the happy ones, the ones who have plans for NYE and the ones who are wondering what do for NYE let me tell you one thing : Do not wait for the plan to happen instead be the plan. Too much cliché??

Now coming to the post time, It is the end of another year and each one of us are excited about the NYE. Wondering what to wear? how to dress up? what to shop? where to shop? take a deep breath and relax..

I will be sharing few tips on the NYE looks along with do’s and dont’s.

I am sure all of us want to look our best and click amazing pictures and frame them for a lifetime. In this process most of us tend to forget the whole concept of dress to comfort and end up creating a disaster.

I will be sharing 4 best looks for NYE because life is too short to wear boring clothes..

Look #1 : LBD

No one ever told no to the little black dress. Keep this look as simple as possible because you do not want anything else to catch the attention. Keep minimal accessories considering you will drain out your energy dancing and most important of all make sure you wear the right kind of footwear. Do not overdo anything (make up, hair and accessories)


Look # 2 JumpSuit

It is time to break the myth that jumpsuits are only made for tall and lean ladies. All you need to know is how to play with the outfit. Definitely the tall ladies are going to carry these well but what about the short ones? Not to worry you choose the Rompers (short jumpsuits). Now to decide what to wear on these, if your outfit has a lot of prints or glitters do not mess them by adding more accessories but just wear a minimal earring.

The catch is to the Rompers : All you need to do is junk this look by adding junk jeweleries to your hand.

Look # 3 : Skirt and blouse

Skirts and blouse are never out of style or trend and it depends on how you carry it and how you match them. You don’t have to be worried about your problem areas and you can be less conscious and have a blast during the party. Based on the type of skirt you choose, choose the blouse accordingly and vice-versa. If there are a lot of details already on your outfit keep the rest of the things minimal.



Look #4 : Wear Anything

This is basically for those who are not comfortable in any of the short dress or the body cons and might want to just wear a simple outfit and do not have to make a big deal out of it. You get to choose your favourite and most comfortable outfit and you are set to hit the dance floor and welcome the New Year with a bang. You do not have to feel bad or low about not dressing up for the event just the way it is supposed to be. You know you are more charming than those dresses so let yourself free.

A pair of hot jeans and a top. A pair of jeggings and a hot top. A normal dress. A normal skirt you are all set.

Remember do not over do on anything. It is that time of the year to let loose and have fun. Wear the right pair of footwear. Wear minimal make up and accessories.

Most importantly do not forget to SMILE 🙂

I hope you guys had a good read.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2017. Stay blessed, Stay safe and party Hard.


Lots of love,

Akanksha ❤



Vivah… what we call the Indian Wedding

Every girl dreams about her big day in life of meeting the prince charming and getting decked up to be the most quintessential bride. Weddings play a very important role for every single individual. Indian traditions were not created just that way nor was it created to be followed blindly. Every ritual that takes place in the wedding ceremony has its own meaning and when you are all ears to it and you really want to know what is gonna happen you will know the depth about our ancestors thoughts/beliefs.

India is known for its diversity and I personally believe and enjoy in attending all kinds of wedding to enjoy every bit of beliefs and rituals what they follow. A wedding can go from 1 10 min to 3 hour depending who we are!

Well, keeping all this aside what I look for the most in every wedding is playing the Team Bride/ Bridegroom which is all about dress up,pictures,dance, memories, family time and of course the most delicious food spread.You get to meet all the possible uncles and aunts who keep asking when is your turn? oh you have grown up to be so big? and also not to forget all the hot/smart friends of the bride and the groom (pun intended).

Coming from a typical South Indian family (no, I am not referring to Chennai/Tamilnadu) where traditional values are given high priority where silk sarees and the most authentic jewellery and flowers. I look forward to every wedding in the family so that I get a chance to flaunt all my treasures and get those eyes double checked (I am sure every girl wants that).

Here are few stories I would like to share from the wedding diaries (The Team bride) of what I wore.

Wedding 1 – The Best Friends Wedding!

I have never dreamt of attending an unpacked wedding. Well this happened! Travelling to Hyderabad for my best friends wedding and I don’t know what to wear?? Amma’s (mother) saree to the rescue always. Picked up her simple black silk saree and my black blouse and added my best wedding gift that I received from my sister which i wore finally after 2 years. A simple silver with stone studded neck piece and ear-ring. This was an evening wedding and dint wanted the look to be too traditional.


Wedding 2 The Best Friend brother’s Wedding..!

The first one to get hitched in the family is always the elder brother and then comes the sister. Here my best friend’s brother finally got his chance to adorn the title of Bridegroom. Well more than best friend brother it was a family affair. Growing up together and being there for each other friends become sisters. I have 2 such in my life and both their brothers got knotted in a gap of 2 months. I decided to go semi-traditional this time and chose silk saree from amma’s collection like always and got all decked up with some temple and antique jewellery.


wedding 3  The family affair..!!

So I had 3 weddings in the family one after the other with the gap of 2 months. These were the much awaited,well panned and coordinated wedding. These were from my brother and sister’s in the family. A typical South Indian Brahmin Wedding with all the rituals and traditions. This time it was my sarees that I wore from my own wedding collection which stepped out of my cupboard after 2 long years to breathe some fresh air. Wore typical silk sarees with a typical hair braid and authentic jewellery from my wedding.


And that was my story from the Vivah diaries so far. I hope you liked the post.

Keep smiling and do not forget to dress up and stay stylish.


Akanksha ❤



The SUMMER Coolers.


Aahh.. This was probably my longest break i took from the blogging world.

I thought about the blog topic this time and decided to  help you with some summer tips while chosing fabric because Summer is getting baaadd…!!


Well Summer is getting worse day by day. Are you figuring out the ways of beating the heat? Are you finding reasons not to dress up? Are you not comfortable wearing those clothes? Here is your answer to all the fabric issues. In today’s post I will be sharing few of the best fabrics that will keep you cool and makes you fall in love with the texture and will definitely not give you reasons not to dress up and step out.

The kind of fabric you choose plays a very important role during the odd weather conditions. The feel, colour and the texture plays a major role. The whole point of you dressing and feel comfortable in very light coloured and very light weight clothes is highly recommended.

Fabric #1 : Cotton


No one knows exactly how old cotton is but it creates wonders. Talking about cotton there are different kinds of cotton and i would suggest you use the ones with light shades and light weight. Adding those dark colours is just a big nooooo to this summer. keep it as subtle as possible. The look cotton carries and the way it enhances the charm is extra ordinary. The price of cotton ranges from the fabric being very minimal to the ones being very expesnive.

Tip to remmember: It is very very essential for you to feel the fabric before buying. Try doing some research before buying and try exploring as many options as possible else you are sure to get fooled at the very first buy 😉

Fabric #2 :Linen


Linen fabric is made from the fibres of flax plant and it is quite expensive because of its texture and the amount of hardwork goes behing that. They are very absorbent and garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather.Again all these fabrics comes with a blend of some other fabric which are not pure and so does the cost. Pure linens are always soothing and keeps you very comforatble during the summer.

Fabric #3 Silk Blend

silk blend

Silk fibre is known for its strength, fineness, lustre and elasticity. Silk/Cotton fabric is a blend of both fibers. They are easy to carry and they are very light weight. Prefarabely use light shades.

Fabric #4 Khadi


The word KHADI is the SANSKRIT translation of Cotton. Now it means any cloth hand spun and hand woven in cotton, silk and wool.The hand spun and hand woven process gives Khadi an extra ordinary texture and finish that can’t be found in any artificially made fibers.Khadi is an alternative lifestyle in tune with the rhythm of nature.Khadi is an all weather cloth, most comfortable to wear and it gives an unusual feeling. That is, hot in winter and cool in summer.


I hope this post helped you in choosing the kind of fabric for this summer and I am sure you will not have any more reasons to not to dress up and step out in style this summer.


Keep it stylish, Keep it trending.


Lots of Love,


Cheers 🙂 ❤














































































The Trending Chains and Charms.

After a long gap decided to come back and re work on my blogging skills and decided to post about my all time love for jewelleries. No.. just not the gold and definitely not other forms but my favourite trending junk ones. Here are few of the latest trending types which gives a whole new meaning to the elegance, quintessential woman and definitely a style statement.

Lets get started….. 🙂

Tribal Jewelry.

61lJgi7WYML._UX500_ TZ30-new-2014-fashion-parure-joyas-bijuterias-bijoux-bisuteria-conjuntos-de-joias-schmuck-costume-font-b



This has been one of my top favourite of all times and something which will not go out of trend for years together. Teaming this jewelry is not a big task. This is one of the safest bets and the best example for a trendy/ethnic/mis match and definitely a stylish look. Here’s how you can team this up with:

#1 – Plain Kurta tops : Wearing a plain kurta would be a quite boring look. Why don’t you just add a little bit of style to it? Wear a contrast coloured neck piece or a huge beaded earing with lot of wooden bangles and you are all set to turn a boring looking kurta to a stylish one.

#2- Saree- Wearing such jewelry on a saree can never go wrong. Be it a simple cotton saree or a trendy mis matched saree and blouse this look will remain the most stylish one.

#3- jeans and a top- When you decide to a wear a plain white/black top or any other top add this additional accessory just to make it look trendy.

Oxidized Jewelry:

CV-MLIBA56954219480-Jewellery-Libaas-Craftsvilla_1-4-2xdunu634ktv5v1fij2ebu CV-MNNAZ41194069210-Jewellery-Nnazaquat-Craftsvilla_1 img_6618_1

This has been the latest trend setter for all most all age groups and has been the most exquisite accessory. This comes with all price tags too. Here’s how you can add this to your look.

#1- Your plain cotton saree can be given a whole new look and you can look more stylish than ever. Add that big bindi to complete the look and you are ready to grab some crazy attention all around.

#2- Khadi kurta’s and and printed saree- This kind of jewellery is something that gives a look of elegance, stylish and yet traditional. Adding this to your look can never go wrong as this has a colour of black which never goes wrong with any outfit unless the outfit has additional work, zari borders which will definitely look odd.

Colorful beads.

Tribal Range1429739-tribal-jewellery  tribal-jewellery-online-300x225

These are the kinds you find in almost all the places you visit and well known for the colour combinations in each jewellery type. Here is how you can team this.

#1 Tops- when you decide to wear a top which has a lot of colours and you are a person who would want to play with the look or with the colours in it, this is the best option. But do not forget too much is too bad. Overdoing the colours on your look will definitely make it look ugly.

#2 Sarees from plain subtle colours to darker shades and then to the printed ones. This adds the very sophisticated look to your outfit.


crystal-jewellery-250x250 swarovsky-crystal-jewelry-2013

Not just the diamonds but crystals are a women’s best friend too. These are most preferred for the evening/ night looks and looks stunning if worn well. Here’s how you can team them up.

#1- A plain single piece dress- You are set to steal some show when you decide to go for a dinner or a party and you don’t want your plain dress to look boring anymore or you have worn it too many times but wanna give it a new look. This adds wonders to your look. A little bit of sparkles around your neck or on your ears can create magic.

#2- Satin/ plain silk sarees and satin tops- wearing a crystal neck piece or a earing adds the bling factor. You will definitely have eyes watching at you for all those glitters.

Temple jewelry

1 (1) temple-jewellery-250x250

These are the kinds best suited on any traditional and most of your ethnic outfits. Looks perfect when worn for a morning/ noon occasion. Preferably weddings and other gatherings. Here’s how you add these to your look.

#1- Wearing a traditional or a ethnic kurta? Do not just make it look dull. Add a pair of big jhumkas and bangles you are set to be the typical Indian woman with the most famous indian jewelry kind.

#2- Silk sarees- Finally your silk saree is not going to look boring anymore. Add a big statement neck piece and some bangles, keeping the earing very minimal to give more of a traditional and a very Indian look.

Trendy Jewelry

New-Arrival-2015-personality-Charm-Jewelry-trendy-style-constellations-pendant-necklaces-fashion-elegant-virgo-Necklace-1230 Screen_Shot_2015-01-17_at_7.33.24_AM Trendy-Stylish-Vintage-Necklce-For-Women-2015-Colorful-Resin-Alloy-Flower-Choker-Collar-Necklace-Jewelry-Bib-254x203

These are the kinds you would see most of the youngsters choosing for their looks. These are the ones that one would want to wear to a day outing or a night dinner or even clubbing. Here’s how you add them to your outfit.

#1- The long simple chains goes best on your jeans and tee and even some printed tops where you want to keep it very simple and yet stylish.

#2- Single piece dress / gowns- A day out or a dinner date or you decide to go clubbing with friends? add a stylish neck piece and you are set.

I hope this post helps all those jewellery lovers wondering what to wear, how to wear and when to wear?

Like I always mention your look is not completed without your pretty smile. 🙂

Keep it Stylish and Keep smiling 🙂




While we look into one of the latest trend of teaming up your attire with a crop top, you might wonder Oh Damn!! Wish i had a flat stomach to carry this look.. Let me tell you everything comes with a hidden trick and a secret.

To those of you who do not have flat stomach and still want to get the trendy sexy crop top look, here is how you can do it and to those who are blessed with flat abs, way to go ladies.. Keep up your good work.

Here are a few looks and tips I would want to share with my readers which will help them boost their confidence.

Look 1- Low Key it with Heels.

You probably are wondering how to go about this look and will you be able to carry out well? Here is the answer this look will help you take off the unwanted attention from the stomach area and make you look slimmer and add that sexy chick look. All you need is to grab your favorite pair of jeans, a colorful crop top, a pair of stilettos, a big purse and some accessories to complete the look. You can never go wrong with this look while you are pairing the right jeans and crop top. Make sure your crop top is not too short and just leaves a little gap between the jean and the top as that adds to your chick side without bringing any bad attention to the problem area and you are all set to walk in style.


Tips to follow:

1-Wearing a darker jean will help your legs toned and makes it look longer as you are wearing a stilettos.

2- Try avoiding 2 shades of dark on top and bottom, It will not help you get the look.

3- Keep your accessories minimal.

Look 2- Basic Beauty = BFF.

You are just showing a silver of skin, put your hair in a stylish way and add some smokey eyes with a big pair of ear ring. You are trying to be as stylish as possible in this look by gathering the attention towards your face and hair while you add a little sexiness to your attire. This is the best for those who are heavy on the stomach and the lower hip and do not want to show lot of skin around the stomach area.


Like you see in the above picture, I have kept my face, hair and earring as stylish as possible as this will be the key essentials to grab the first attention and then comes the other. A long skirt with a brighter shade and a black crop top can never go wrong. Keeping it as simple as possible is a key to elegance.

Tips to remember:

1- Do not over do your make up and do not mess up your hair style. In case you are not comfortable with too much make up and fancy hair style add a bright shade lipstick, kajal to high light your eye and tie a bun which will make you look gorgeous.

2- When wearing long skirts you can keep your crop top shorter than the one in the picture based on how comfortable and how well you can carry the look.

Look 3- Get Baggy

You have your lower body as a problem area and you want to take away the attention, here is what you can do. They say heavier people wearing baggy outfits tend to make them look fatter. Well in this case you do not want to look funny by wearing figure hugging clothes which will add extra attention.


Picking up a skirt with flairs and uneven shape is the trick to this as the entire skirt do not have an even shape and you can cheat with your body by adding this with a crop top. You know its a right choice when your problem areas are covered and you are confident enough to pull this off and walk around like a diva. Again, you need to be very smart while choosing colors.

Keep it stylish, Keep it classy and keep it Trendy. 

Remember you are dressing up for yourself and not for anybody else. 

Hope this helps you all 🙂



10 requisite Cosmetic list in every girls’s hand bag..

For all of you who think wearing layers of cosmetics everyday and using high-end brands will make you look extra beautiful, you are absolutely wrong. All you need is the daily essentials in your day in and day out activities which will help you get through any situation. Here are few things that I do not miss out on carrying in my handbag when I am stepping out of my house.


Whether you are heading out for a party, going out for shopping, lunch date, meeting a couple of friends, going to college, going to work or going anywhere you do not want to leave without carrying a small pouch that has a few basic cosmetics.

#1 Kajal / Eye liner

For all those whole believe that kajal is the best way to highlight the beauty of the eye, Well you are absolutely right. Why not carry them? Whether it is a smudge free/ water-resistant you know that you have it in your bag and in case you are running out of time and you have no time to put them on or you forgot to apply.You will not have a chance to panic.

#2 Lip Balm

For those of you who do not prefer applying lipstick everyday, here is the simple quick fix to get those attractive lips. A simple shine on a girl’s lip will look better any day than those dried ones. Also when we are eating or sipping on any liquids our lips tend to lose the lipstick or the balm what we had applied hours ago and leaves it dull. Applying them on a regular interval will not only add shine/gloss but will also helps it keep moisturized and remain soft.

#3 Lip Stick

I am a person who cannot run my day without Lipstick when I am stepping out of my house. Always carry the same colour you used initially while applying in the beginning of the day so that you maintain the same through out. Unless you are not re applying from the scratch.

#4 Comb/ Hair brush

You do not want to have a messy hair look after a while when you are out somewhere. It’s always a good practice to comb your hair every 2-3 hours while you are out or just to make sure that your hair is fine and is not spoiling your look.

#5 Pack of Tissues

Nobody wants to look dull and have oil content on your face during the day. The face tends to become moist when you are out for long hours or while you are working in A/c. The best practice to follow is wipe your face with wet/dry tissue at least 3-4 times a day.This will help you retain the fresh look throughout and never reapply any compact/powder or moisturizer without washing your face.

#6 Deodorant / Body Mist

You do not want to have a bad body odor due to your sweat or getting drenched in the rain while you are surrounded by people. The best practice to carry them in your bag and use them whenever you feel you are uncomfortable and feel that you are sweating too much and there is some kind of odor that is disturbing you.

#7 Hair clips / Rubber band / Safety pin

When your hair is too messed up at some point of the day and you just don’t want to do anything to it you either clip it up or put on a bun. So that you will not have to deal with the bad hair day through out. Safety pin is something one is always safe with on any given day. You realize that nobody around you has it and you are in a fix wondering what to do. To avoid one of those odd days it is always ideal to carry them along.

#8 Face wash

Every girl’s skin type differs and is in no comparison with each other. To avoid those frequent oily skins and when you are  too tired and want to refresh yourself. Here is a quick fix.

#9 Moisturizer

In case you are re-washing your face or just splashing water because you need to refresh and you feel too sticky, your skin tends to go dry without applying anything on the face. Always a better option to carry a small bottle or a tube of the moisturizer you use in case you are re-thinking of washing your face during intervals.

#10 Pouch

You do not want all the things you carry just lying in some compartment of your hand bag and you do not know where exactly you have kept them. Put them all in one small pouch which you can fit in your bag. Do not carry a big pouch and make it seem like you are carrying your entire cosmetic from your wardrobe with you.

Tip to remember It is always considered best not to reapply the cosmetic products over and over without washing your face completely as the dirt on your skin may just add-on to helping you lose the texture of your skin.

Also it depends from person to person whether you use minimal products on a daily basis or add compact powder, foundation, blush, eye shadows which you would want to carry.

Hope this helped.


Akanksha 🙂

Wear Anywhere 8)

Here is another on the list to pull of your “CASUAL” look.

Casual is the dress code that emphasize comfort and personal expression.

Some of my all time go to get looks when I am not in the mood of dressing up and doing too much of styling but still look mod.

Look 1- Leisure Wear

All you need is some comfort and the edge to your look where you are not loaded with too many things and just want to hang in there with a couple of friends and get the relax mode on and just chill.

DSCF8313_edited 2 DSCF8315_edited 3

As you can see i have kept this look as simple as possible. All you need is a pair of your favorite 3/4th denim and a baggy top and some fancy hair band and a trendy bag pack and some funky shoes. Keep it simple and comfortable because you need to look good and not spoil the look by over- doing things. Accessories very minimal.

3/4th denim- Levis

Baggy top- Fame forever

Bag- Amazon.com

Shoes- Max

Head band- Sunday Soul Sante

Look 2- The Smart dresser

A person is always said to be a smart dresser when you know what to pair things with and without losing the charm of being trendy in whatever you wear.

DSCF8333_edited 4DSCF8345_edited 5

I have paired up my favorite denim jeans with a normal tee shirt and a jean jacket that suits my pant with a sling bag and kept the amount of accessories and other things very minimal. You can always choose shades and colours of the tee shirt based on the jeans. Lighter the jeans it is always best to keep the colours subtle on top without opting for darker shades. When you choose black and dark blue shades you can team them with any shades as the dark shades compliment any shade.

Jeans- Vero Moda

Jacket- In mark

Tee shirt- Local market

Look 3- Dressed to the teeth.

I have chosen something which is very chick and trendy and more of a summer dress for a day outing.

DSCF8379_edited 8  DSCF8391_edited 9

Teaming up your light colored high waist skirt with a pair of contrast colour is always a disaster. Try choosing the colours that are complimenting each other and are light shaded. I have chosen both my top and skirt with the same pattern because of the prints. Choosing these kind of long stripes for especially who would wanna add an extra height to your personality and to look a little slimmer is always a best practice. People who are a little on the chubbier side avoid using the horizontal stripes as they make you look more bulkier and opt for a vertical stripes in any clothing you choose. Teaming this with a leather bag and a trendy footwear adds an edge to the look.

Skirt and Top- Warehouse

Bag- Online

Footwear- SSS store

Look 4- The Lassie Look

Who wouldn’t want to be dressed in their best clothes and look stylish and simple yet carry the CHICK factor. This is how i got this look.

DSCF8396_edited 10

Pairing up your black jeans with anything you want and the look can never go wrong. Choosing a lighter shade will add extra brightness to your look and highlights your face. Keeping it stylish and very elegant is always challenging to most of us. You cannot just decide what to wear with what? Wear a plain simple top and a black jean with ballerinas that match your top. Add a sling bag to the look while you choose your accessories very wisely and very minimal.

Jeans- Lee

Top- Mango

Shoes- Max

Bag- Amazon.com

Tips to remember when you are trying to achieve any of the above looks,

#1– Never over do things by adding too many props or accessories to any of the look as you are keeping them very simple and very casual.

#2– You need to choose colors and combinations that will compliment you skin tone and body color.

#3– You can always choose a pair of nice trendy shorts to add a lil glam quotient to your look in look 1.

#4– The most important tip keep the confidence level always high and that smile and you will definitely turn the tables towards you.

Hoping the above looks and tips will benefit you and remember there are always n number of looks that can be achieved in any way, but these are the few which tops my list while I am trying to keep my dressing very casual.

Feel free to comment and share your reviews. 🙂

Stay happy, Stay Stylish.


Akanksha 🙂

3 Quick and simple tips to Pulchritude :)

I have been asked by many what do I do to maintain my skin and what are the products I use?. Well, lemme be frank and honest I try avoiding any kind of beauty products to take care of my skin as much as possible because of its sensitivity. All thanks to my mother who made sure I do not get into any beauty products until the age of 18 apart from a normal moisturizer because that’s the age where your skin will be very sensitive and I have been blessed  with good skin from my mother. All you need to do is make some time for your skin to breathe in your daily routine and take care of it. You don’t need to go to parlor often nor buy costly skin care products. You can follow all the below sitting at home.

“In the end you are gonna be in your own Skin until you die, you might as well get comfortable with it.”

Here are a few quick tips which will help you get that shine, healthy and natural beauty 🙂


Well many of you might not know the that Astringent is a powerful cleansing tool that many women omit from their daily skincare routine. Astringent is vital for removing leftover dirt, makeup and oil. It works wonders  in terms of cleaning the excess oil from the skin.


Tip 1– Before you put on any make up spray a little astringent to a cotton and wipe your face and you will be surprised to see those minute dust particles which were stuck on your skin. Applying astringent before make up adds on to the extra glow and will let your make up stick on to your face for a long time without leaving a patch or sweat marks.

Tip 2– This is the most important. Before you go to bed make sure you keep your face clean and moisturized and to remove make up/ kajal/lipstick. The best way to remove your makeup is using Astringent. Make sure the entire make up is removed with a cotton and then wash your face and you will see that instant natural glow.

Tip 3– After you come back from your work/college and before washing your face directly with soap / face wash try using Astringent first and then use your soap/ face wash.

Tip 4– This is the best way to get rid of oily skin, pimples, rashes, allergies. Once you start using it regularly you will definitely witness the changes.


Aloe Vera, also known as the ‘plant of immortality’ by the ancient Egyptians.It is worth a try as a natural approach to ageless skin.  Aloe vera has several properties that are effective in treating a variety of skin conditions. They are helpful in curing blisters, insect bites and other allergic reactions as well.  Aloe Vera face packs are a boon for people who have a sensitive skin type. Smooth and glowing skin can be achieved easily by applying aloe Vera gel on the face.


Tip 1– Use aloe Vera gel on your face before you go to bed it gives you a natural glow to your skin.

Tip 2– Whenever you have a pimple or any kind of rash just apply this gel around that area and within a day or two you will never see them on your face.

Tip 3– The more you start using this you will start having a clear skin and a natural skin without any toxic.

This is my favorite and all time remedy to a beautiful glowing skin at home.


This is what my Mother taught me and it really helps for any kind of skin. This is the natural and the best way to keep your skin clean and healthy. All you need is Basin and curds. Take a spoon of Basin and a spoon of curds and make a mixture of it and apply to your face as a face pack. Keep the pack for 30 mins until its dried and wash it with cold water. You can witness immediate changes on your skin. Follow this routine twice a week. Your skin will start feeling young, happy and ageless 🙂


These are the few tricks and tips to all the beautiful woman to achieve that ever glowing and a healthy skin sitting at home. All you have to do is give some time for your skin because it is priceless 🙂

Hope you like this post. Try the above and do let me know if you felt any change and do share your feedback’s.

Keep Smiling and Keep shining all you have is 1 Life 🙂



A label does not kill Fashion.

This is something that i have been wanting to share. The only question I have been asked frequently when i dress up or wear some accessories is where do I shop or where do i find them ?? Well Well here is the answer to all your questions and list of few places where I pick my accessories from. Well you might be wondering that I am gonna list few shops where you will have to shell out thousands of rupees for just a pair of earring or a neck piece. Well, if you are thinking about that, you are absolutely Wrong.!! I am a Shopahollic but well I am very choosy and picky about the things I buy. First thing I look for is Value for money. Instead of spending thousands of rupees on one thing which I can wear only once, I would rather prefer buying few things for the same money which I can wear multiple times Inless you have a particular occasion to buy and you are pocket loaded and wouldn’t mind spending thousands of rupees every week :D.

There is no harm in doing street shopping once in a while 🙂 It is one of the best practice to keep in mind when you are out of budget and want to buy too many things. The whole idea behind me creating this blog is that every normal person can look stylish and fashionable without spending a lot of money.

Fashion is an Art which is not expensive by nature but made expensive by Person. So it is all in your mind to choose it wisely and make it very pocket friendly.

Place – Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore, India

I am quite sure everyone would have heard about this place very often that this is one of the Bangalore’s famous hub for shopping. So when you have heard it why not try it? Here are few places where I visit regularly and pick up the things I like and most importantly bargain. Bargaining is an art which comes in very handy when the word SHOPPING comes. LOL. Jokes apart but well on a serious note you do have to bargain for few bucks and then you are gonna be happy for the price you paid. 🙂



There are a lot of shops you find similar to this where you will find most trendiest collections for a very affordable price also not just accessories but some authentic kholapuri bags.This is right opposite to the 4th block complex on the same lane of Mobile store. I am a frequent visitor to these shops and will end up buying a huge chunk of accessories on my every visit.

In addition to these shops the best one i have found especially in jayangar when you consider value for money are those rajastani ladies who sell those jewelleries on a huge polythene sheet. You can get your accessories from any where between Rs 100- Rs 300. I bet it wouldn’t cost more than that.


Place- Chitrakala Parishat, Shivananda Circle, Bangalore, India

As the name says Chitrakala which means art and parishat meaning gallery. This is a place which is a home for artists. I started visiting this place since i was 15. I still remember the first time my Mother took me and my sister to this place and got a very colorful hair breading done during our summer holidays. Ever since then my mom made sure she would take us along every time she visited the exhibition not just to let us buy things but to explore the beauty hidden in such places and to experience every form of art. There are few very reasonable outlets where you can find very unique collections of hand made jewelleries which has got a very traditional touch and which will give you a very rich look.


This place will not leave you with any disappointment. Along with shopping you have some live music which are authentic gazals, folk songs and a lot of small counters for grabbing some quick snack.

Place – Commercial Street. Bangalore, India

Though I do not visit this place very often but whenever I visit I make sure I pick up few things from the known shops. I feel that few of the shop keepers are very rude and blunt. Even a few rupee of bargain would make you feel that they are not interested to sell it to you. This place became very popular due to their antique collection in various house decorative and all the fancy jewelleries the foreigners preferred buying.

My Shopping lists never ends without Online Shopping.

When you don’t have time to go visit the place and buy,while you are feeling lazy and want to sit at home and get the work done, this is the best place. There are various options available to chose from but I have been a loyal customer to FLIPKART and MYNTRA.


Considering my height is 5’10 and i am blessed or cursed with long foot, it has been a pain for me to find the right pair of footwear ever since i was a kid. I remember my school days where i couldn’t find black shoes for my foot size and it was made to order and I was forced to wear them even if they dint look good. As I grew the problem became bigger. Finding anything funky and pretty was a WOW moment for me. Well I have found myself the best online site apart from all the other brands which do sometimes have collection for my size. The place i am talking about is Street Style Store which is also known as SSS. This is an amazing place where you find some exquisite collection of footwear right from 32 or 34 upto 42 which is my footwear size. So if anybody facing the similar issue as mine here is the solution. It is not very expensive and you have some or the other offers through out the year.


Well, these are the few places I pick up few of my accessories  be it earrings, chains, bangles, bags and bracelets and not to forget footwear. Hoping that you liked this and please do try the places and let me know your experience.

Happy Shopping and Smart Shopping. 🙂


Akanksha ❤

Six Yards of Sheer Elegance…!!

It is said and believed that every woman should experience the feel of wearing a Saree and the feel of being the real INDIAN WOMAN. Saree is one of the most wonderful, beautiful and a gorgeous attire which can be carried in any fashion because it can never go wrong. Whether you are considered to be having a perfect body or not you will definitely look charming and gorgeous.

Here are a few looks i prefer during any occasion to get the gorgeous array of an Indian Woman.

Look 1- The night affair.


The net saree which is the most suitable for any night events, be it a get together within the family or a friends reception or any other night event where you want to stand out amongst the crowd. Make sure you keep it little subtle and choose a wise color and the material. I do not suggest this if you are not confident about carrying it coz you do not want to be a victim of a fashion disaster. Team this with a big earring that is one of the color from your saree. If you notice I have teamed this up with big pearl hangings which goes along with the Saree pallu and added bangles to give the extra Indian touch again no big chains on the neck unless you wanna keep your earring lighter. You can always be confident about completing this look with a big bindi and hair left open or style it the way you would prefer and you are all set to be the Star of the event.

Tip to rememberPeople who are slightly heavier on the chest and stomach make sure you pin up the pallu because when you leave the pallu with a single panna, you are again adding unwanted attention to the heavy areas.

Look 2- An affair with the black


When in doubt wear black holds good for any occasion and any outfit be it an Indian or a western. You are running out of time and you are really confused what to wear and you don’t have a lot of options. Do not worry or be disappointed. Pick up the black saree from your collection and team it up with minimal accessories like a medium sized earring and lot of bangles on your right hand and leave the other hand empty. Always remember to leave the pallu open when wearing a black sari unless it is of a thin material coz your fat areas wouldn’t be seen in case you are worried about grabbing attention. Bindi is a must when you are wearing any Saree as that gives an additional touch to the elegance factor. Complete this look with a very stylish clutch that goes with the Saree.

Tip to rememberAvoid blacks during the day time as they attract too much of heat and make you sweat and feel sticky. Try wearing to any evening occasion.

Look 3-  The Day Diva


This look is a perfect example for bright,elegant,classy look put in together. During the day it is always a best practice to choose lighter shades that compliments your skin tone and goes along the occasion you are attending. To complete this look add a simple neck piece that is slightly complimenting your saree color and keep the earring minimal or may be a small stud and wear a watch which is a big yes to this look and wear a simple bracelet or very few bangles if required. Keep your make up, hair style and the size of the bindi as minimal as possible because you want to look graceful and fresh.Make sure while dressing up for a day event you avoid the single pallu and always try pinning it up for a more comfortable look.

Tip to rememberAdding too many jewelleries and choosing odd colors during the day time will lead to a big fashion disaster.

Look 4- The traditional Kerala Saree.


Whether you are a malyali or not any girl/women will definitely fall in love with their traditional saree with complete white and a unique border. This is one of my favorite looks too. All you need is 1 Kerala Saree and your other jewelleries to get this look. Pin up your pallu because this saree looks the best that way and gives you the look of a gorgeous woman who belongs to the gods own country.I chose to wear  bangles on both the hands and a big pearl earring and pin up my hair or a tie a top knot to complete the look. You can also add flowers to get the little extra traditional feel.Your blouse do not have to be the same colour of the saree. You can always play around with colours to add personal touch to the look.

Tip to remember- Never miss wearing jewelleries that suit the look and a bindi to add on.

Look 5- The wedding Dhamaka


There is a wedding in the family and you definitely want to look the best and catch the attention of the crowd. Here is what you have to do. Pick up the saree which you decided to wear and make sure it is not very loud but definitely stylish and elegant. Add a lot of bangles that matches your saree colour and if possible also add some glittery bangles that suits the saree. Pick a big neck piece that will almost match your saree. Make sure it is not the perfect match. Since you are picking a big neck piece, keep the earring very minimal. Make sure you get some fancy blouse stitched which will add the extra hotness and gives you the celebrity look. Add some additional hangings to the blouse just like in the picture which is available from any of the fancy stores nearer to your locality. Keep your hair quite stylish and elegant which will definitely play a major part in this look you want to achieve. Adding a clutch to the look is optional and pinning up the saree pallu or leaving it open is again optional.

Tip to rememberLet the bride be happy to see some gorgeous women walking around during her wedding and keep it simple and stylish.

The most important tip- Remember no look is complete without that beautiful smile of yours. So make sure you have that million dollar smile on your face and I am sure you are gonna go ubiquitous.

Keep it classy, keep it stylish and Keep it Indian.


Akanksha 🙂